Why Global Logistics

The business of distribution is changing.

The world is getting smaller, the challenges larger. With ever-changing players and economic pressure, agile responses are a must. Increasing customer demands and escalating operations pose a constant dilemma. Distribution has changed significantly in the last ten years and the next ten years hold even more change. To stay competitive in this volatile environment, companies must be willing to make significant investment and commitment in technology.

Dymax Systems has developed our Global Logistics solutions to provide you with the most advanced, far-reaching and reliable distribution software to help your business thrive in the upcoming decade - and beyond.


Once everyone is in agreement with the selected process, we develop a detailed design of what the process will consist of and what the result will be.

We develop a solution to your issue, discuss the solution with you to make sure we understand and get your sign off once you agree.

This is where we host your application as well as provide total support for your organization therefore eliminating the need for you to have IT personnel on your staff.